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Journey to Sanity – derailed

My journey to sanity has been derailed after I was side-swiped by some news from my home county in the UK. Essentially, the police force decided it was reasonable to make a sexist addition to the hate crimes laws. For those few remaining developed countries where this doesn’t exist, a hate crime is when the government or police decide you’ve said something you shouldn’t have. It’s framed with respect to protecting vulnerable peoples, but essentially it’s as I described. Because, if the government can regulate your right to say something, they can also regulate what it is you say. So the specifics of the hate crime law don’t matter except to demonstrate who’s currently in ascension, who’s being ignored, and what the government doesn’t want you to talk about.

As an example, as a white man, anyone can say pretty much anything they want to me and it won’t be a hate crime. However, if I criticize a woman, an ethnic minority or a religion and that person decides to take offense, I can be charged. Really, the featured image above says it all. That images is the header from the North Yorkshire police website. Note that there’s not a single male in the image, yet this is supposed to be a force that protects everyone.

We’re living in very interesting times indeed. I find it informative to watch how such laws play out in practice and what it means regarding our cultural and social empathies. Many argue that we should all be nice to each other and these laws are just there to ensure uncomfortable situations don’t occur. I would agree with the first idea, but argue that these are laws ripe for abuse by the government and police and their focus will change with the political wind. Furthermore, government doesn’t have the right or authority to police name-calling.

An example of some craziness – there was recently a case in southern England where a father was accused of being a pedophile by a hotel clerk because he was staying there with his 13-year old daughter. The hotel had no more rooms so he had to book one with only a double bed. They were the ones that forced the room situation and they refused to believe him or his daughter, even when shown photographic evidence. Fortunately, the police understood the truth.

Contrast that with a court ruling only a few days ago where a young woman stabbed her boyfriend with a knife in the leg, punched him in the face, and smashed a jam pot into his head. She got off free because the judge didn’t want to damage her potential career as a surgeon.

But I digress. Because the issue isn’t really injustice or social insanity. That’s existed in various forms throughout the ages. The issue is what to do about it. The people holding the potentially harmful views have made for themselves a new religion and as a life-long atheist I’ve had plenty of debates about religion. However, the one thing I eventually learned, is that you can’t reason with such people using logic. When you do, they only double down on their ideas. You end up strengthening their resolve and achieving the opposition of what you were intending (you create a supervillain where there was only a petty crook before).

So I’m going to take a new approach. I’m not completely sure what form that will take, but I’m a fiction writer so that should probably be some kind of clue.

Meanwhile, we all have to stay strong. It’s still too soon to know how this goes. Whether we slide into totalitarianism via the insane leftists, whether we die by a thousand cuts as we give away all the best parts of our culture, whether we weaken ourselves to the point where our enemies can’t help but attack, or the eternal hope, that we finally accept responsibility for our own actions, we come to accept that no culture’s perfect but that we’ve done a pretty good job despite our mistakes, and we defend what we know to be the most free, most developed, most civilized society the world has ever known.

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Journey to Sanity: Day 4

In the last two days I’ve had some peaceful days of avoiding media and political discussions. However, last night I had an interesting dream that I can’t help think relates to this project.

One of the issues I’m most bothered by is that of the university protests and the seemingly large number of young people so willing to give up their rights to freedom of speech and expression. Or rather, they’d want to take away those rights from others, but don’t realize it will also me the loss of their own rights.

Anyway, in my dream I was on a university campus. No particular one, although I’ve lived and worked on a number of them in my life. But I had the distinct impression this was just ‘a university campus’. Albeit a well-funded one. The dream began with me wandering around campus, attending lectures, etc. A regular student life. But around the mid-point, the entire university began collapsing. It was like a meteor-strike meets an earthquak, with huge chunks of building falling, and asphalt fro the roadways being thrust into the air. Suspended causeways crumpled, turning into a rain of death for those below. it was a hellish scenario and those of us not killed, were desperately trying to weave our way through the maze of death.

That’s it. There was no ending. No resolution. It just left off with me and a few others running through raining chunks of street and building larger than our bodies as we desperately tried to find a way out of the horror.

The meaning of the dream seems self-evident enough. It’s a metaphor of my fear for the fate of the modern western university, which is being destroyed by a variety of forces, many of which are within. This bothers me not only because I think universities should be bastions of freedom and centres for the quest for truth and enlightenment, but also because I will, at some point in the not-so-distant future, have to consider whether to send my child to one.

While I had an amazing time at the universities I attended, their nature has changed dramatically in the last five years. Safespaces, trigger warnings, and the injustice of ‘social justice’ all prevents students from growing and exploring new ideas. Instead, most get locked into echo chambers and force-fed ill-conceived ideologies until they come to believe 2 + 2 = 5. Only then does Big Sister let them out spread the word to the rest of their Western world (ironically, in a twist of the soft racism of low expectations, such social justic warriors rarely turn their new-found zeolotry on parts of the world that could actually benefit from them).

But I digress.

With luck, such dreams represent my subconscious processing the thoughts and emotions as part of my purge, so that, when I return to fuller immersion in the crazy world we live in, I can do so with a more level head.

Be the change we seek to see. That is all any of us can, or should, reasonably do.

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Journey to Sanity: Day 2

To be honest, I planned this whole journey in the middle of April. It’s just taken two weeks to pull myself away from the media and get started. Had I known what was coming in advance would I still plan this? Who knows?

First, we’ve just had local council elections. I actually voted against my history, as the side I used to vote for is doing almost nothing. Fortunately, the only bit of craziness in this election was the Lib Dems lack of respect for the intelligence of the voter — their only campaigning was a small leaflet two days before the the election that had a Brexit-related picture and a request for donations. Words can’t express how disgusted I was with them (at least not in polite company).

Next up, Theresa May decided to call a snap election. Presumably feeling that it was best to attack now, while Labour is still in relative disarray sorting out whether to get behind their communist leader. In this regard, at least, I’m quite happy I have decided not to follow the rhetoric, because the fake news and finger pointing has already started, ramped up to 100 immediately.

So, as you can see, my journey is off to a rocky start. But one election is out of the way and the next is coming a week after my journey ends. That should give enough time to catch up with the issues. Assuming there isn’t another murder.

One thing a socially conscious person has trouble with is letting go. There’s always some fear that you won’t be there at the crucial time to bring someone to the side of reason. However, iIn order to asuage my fears somewhat, I supported five of the independent pundits I respect most through Patreon. I tip my hat to these people who can wade hate and have it wash off, who can suffer the slings and arrows and have them bounce off. I tip my hat to these hard-working bastions of reason and sanity, and I’m happy to give them my financial support: Dave Rubin, Phillip DeFranco, Jordan B Peterson, Sam Harris, and Lauren Southern. Well done all.

And now, because this is too serious for a journey to sanity… fun animal pictures.