Where are all the small phones?

A perusal of the tech toy stores these days inundates us with a wealth of goodies, with tablets and the latest smart phones being the major crowd pleasers. While tablets are still finding their niche, and size, and just about everything, smartphones seem to have settled on a basic format. The 5″, or almost 5″ screen appears to be where it’s at. And I’m a bit saddened by that.


I realized today that I’m missing the small phones.

There was a brief time when it looked like you’re phone could end up being the size of your watch (or iPod shuffle, for those without watches). Instead, we’ve gone the other way, with 5-6 inch screens on our phones complete with the difficulty that brings in finding a place to carry them. And the promise of the small phone? Gone. I mean, new, small phones do exist, but they’re almost impossible to find, and if you do manage to track one down, they seem to be marketed toward children?!

Now, I’m all for the touch screen. It’s a cool piece of modern tech, but… I use my phone to phone. And not much else. For the other stuff there are mp3 players, tables, portable video games, etc. That’s not to say that larger phones shouldn’t exist. It can be useful to fit everything in one device (even though people love having all the different tech also). But what about those of us who would just like a small, light, trendy, touchscreen phone that, well, just phones? Why does this market seem to be completely overlooked at the moment?

I saw the ipod nano in a pawn shop today and thought ‘that would be the perfect size and style for a phone’. But when I try and think of a phone like it, I can’t. Anything that size, such as my slider, is last decade. And most don’t have the touch screen features that would be nice. Or any other special features for that matter.

So please, electronic companies, go ahead and make your tablet phones, but have a model for use tech-modern minimalists too. Thanks.

Insight and longevity.


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