For a few months now I’ve been in the throws of a nerdgasm. It started when I found a YouTube video of Brad Hawthorn‘s three-projector, large screen computer setup.


Yep, that’s him silouetted amidst that huge screen setup.

Since then, I’ve been dreaming and pricing and planning how to convert my man cave into such a setting. Of course, I’ve also been considering how to broaden the use such that the family could watch movies on it, and I could use it for other work.

Then, as I was starting to get used to living in the afterglow of this dream, the Xbox One is announce and my Nerdgasm flares all over again.

Am I such a huge Xbox fan? you might ask.

Not particularly. I’ve nothing against the Xbox, it seems a quality machine, although I’ve never used one (I’m a PC gamer). But what gets me stoked is the idea of using the kinect. With a PC. In conjuction with a large screen projection system.

Those of you who’ve seen Iron Man, you’ll understand.

I’m both a space/sci-fi geek and a digital artist, in addition to a writer. So just imagine how cool it would be to stand in front of 120-180-degrees of projector screen displaying one large desktop of the galaxy from Celestia, that you could swim through  with the motion of your hands. Or what about setting models and rotating scenes in Daz3D or other CADs in the same environment simply with gestures. And soon, I could add in a mind-controlled get-up too (such as from InteraXon or NeuroSky).

I’m telling you, just thinking about it has me geeking out. And that’s even without the gaming potential! Finally technology is catching up to my dreams. I feel another nerdgasm coming on!

Insight and longevity.


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