Sony Smartwatch 2

So, I wrote a post not too long ago asking where all the small phones were, and it is true, it’s very hard to find small phones in the shops. The trend seems to be toward large screen phones that are almost micro-tablets. Although, I am happy to see that there are quite a number of ‘reasonably-size’ phones on the market.

I still haven’t found the small phone I’m searching for, but recently I stumbled upon a group of convenient bluetooth add-ons that give your phone that small feeling. They’re called SmartWatches.

A search of Amazon reveals that there are quite a number of different brands of Smartwatch, but I was initially drawn to the Sony Smartwatch 2, due out in September. Having a Sony phone suggests that it would be a perfect match for me.

The smartwatches look exactly like a digital watch, only they run android, connect to your phone through bluetooth, allow you to, more discreetly, play music or take calls from your phone. Cool.

It’s not all good though. Previous version have required a constant bluetooth connection even to tell the time. They had poor screen brightness and require the default apps to run (especially for music), even though the ran Android.

Now the next gen is coming out and we can only hope many of these problems get ironed out. After all, the techie in me loves this idea. And one day it should lead to a true stand-alone wrist phone.

Insight and longevity.


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