Personal Disclaimers

In my opinion, one of the worst trends to hit us recently is the prefacing of a statement with a disclaimer that attempts to be misleading.

For example, a salesperson/missionary/charity worker comes to the door saying, “we’re not trying to sell anything” and then proceeds to attempt to sell you something. Of course, whether it’s an item for the home, piece of mind and a sense of social responsibility, or a place for your sould in the afterllife, they’re all selling something.

A recent story, horrible in so many ways, highlights this even more. A photo of male footballers kissing each other has cause some negative feedback in Brazil with one of the protesters saying “It’s not homophobia or anything, we just don’t want it here”. Saying ‘it’s not homophobia’ doesn’t make their actions any less homophobic.

So, is this somekind of modern escape clause? Have we learnt so well from corporate disclaimers that we’re using them ourselves in everyday life? TV is influencing so much of our lives and opinions that I wouldn’t be surprised. Andy Warhol, we salute you.

Insight and longevity.


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