Day 1: Going nowhere fast

Woke up this morning, at 5:40, as three five-year old girls burst out of my daughter’s bedroom after a sleep-over that didn’t see them fall asleep until after 10pm. Laid in bed a while longer before crawling out to find a debilitating pain in the shoulder and a house full of halloween decoratations that needed to be taken down.

Breakfast, clean-up, get daughter’s friends ready to go home, get daughter ready to visit another friend, organize a bit, and it’s lunch time. At this point there’s effectively less than four hours of work left in the day, as I take daughter to gym for 4pm and wife has an evening shift tonight.

By 10:30pm I’ve managed to drag out almost 600 words for the first day. About 1000 short of the ideal goal for a 50,000 word novwrimo.

Daily Word Count: 571


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