Day 5: It’s a killer

These part-time days, plus my courses, are killing me. The courses, of course, are my own fault, my addiction to Coursera has come to take up a noticable amount of time as some of the courses have involved weekly assignments. The part-time days just mean less time for writing as, today, I took the little one to her gym lessons. At least I could watch some of my course videos during the hour –> I’ve only recently discovered how awesome the wi-fi hotspot generator on smartphones is (my Google Nexus 10 doesn’t have cellular network connectivity, although it does have mini HDMI and mini USB but I digress).

Anyway, the conclusion of all this whining is that I got only just over 500 words done today. I’m starting to feel that’s my level at the moment, and the 1000 word days I’m just exceeding myself. Well, hopefully, with regular writing, that will pick up again.

Daily word count: 558


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