Day 9: Mid-story set-piece

The last couple of days I’ve been working on a mid-story set-piece. It’s a part of the story that sets up so much of the future novel and the trilogy, so I’m building it carefully. It’s also a big action piece, which always give me pause. I find it so easy to do action pieces badly and, imo, even some professional writers get it wrong by either making things too brief (or too long), or just not thinking through the details well.

So, it ends up taking me a while to write these pieces. My strategy, to make sure I don’t get sucked into a poorly crafted segment, is to write it like a jigsaw puzzle. I compose the paragraphs and sequences that work for me at that time then, when I happy with those, I construct the joining parts between them. So far, it seems to have worked well for me, as few people have complained about my mid-story action sequences (okay, yes, I have had complaints about early story action pieces, but that tends to be an issue with my early story pacing, something I’m still working on. But that’s for another post).

Daily word count: 557


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