Day 10: the emergency

No, no my emergency, it’s… well let me explain.

I’m a person who generally likes to stay up late. I go to bed usually between 12 and 12:30 (although I aim for 11:30) and get up between 6:30 and 7. The mathematically astute among you will realize that I get 6-7 hours of sleep a night. In truth, I should be getting 7  – 7:30 to feel my best, but there’s just too much cool stuff in the world to be sleeping.

Now, Saturdays I usually indulge and stay up a bit later, say 1:30 – 2, gaming online with my sister. Last night, was only a modest change of plans as I was instead watching the World Championship Series (WCS) Global Starcraft II Finals (congrats sOs, hope Jaedong can break his finals jinx one of these tournaments). Incidentally, for those wondering how anyone can make a living playing video games, the tournament winner received a $100,000 dollars prize, second place $45,000. So we’re talking big money here.

Anyway, at 2am, by the time it ended, I was ready for sleep and looking forward to a nice lie in Sunday morning. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t believe in letting me sleep, even on those rare days when I request it. While normally, my wife will sleep in until 8 or 9am on weekends, this week she was on call and her shrill alarm went off at 7 as usual. She stayed in bed, as always, but our dear 5-year old daughter woke, and came upstairs to say goodmorning and get a cuddle. Then she went downstairs and my wife with her to get ready and I hoped to fall back asleep for another few hours.

As an aside, if I get less than six hours of sleep a night, I’m almost non-functional. So you can see that normally I walk the tightrope each night, living just on the verge of sufficient sleep. Yeah, I know. But like I said, there are too many interesting things in the world to want to sleep past them.

Anyway, back to this morning. 7:50 and I woken, again, by my wife screaming my name from the shower and yelling ‘this is an emergency’. So I climb out of bed and make my way slowly down the stairs in a bit more than a daze — I know my wife’s emergencies, so I wasn’t overly concerned. And I was right.

Just to set the stage. Both my wife and I have had cancer and operations to remove the tumours. She’s also had two bouts of radiotherapy. In addition, she is a doctor, and obviously sees all kinds of conditions daily that most of us wouldn’t want to deal with. So you’d think that when she cried ’emergency’ it would likely be an emergency. But you’d be wrong.

I get to the bathroom, and she’s in the shower yelling ‘gross’ and ‘it’s an emergency’ and that she has head lice.

I head back up to bed.

Or I would have, but I needed to get her the treatment (we keep it stocked… 5-year old girls, you know) — even though the treatment can only be applied to  d r y  hair. Meaning, if she wasn’t panicking, she could have gotten it herself and let me sleep.

Anyway, that pretty much set the stage for my day. The side effect of which was the inability to do any writing until my body decided to overcome the ‘sleep-ache’ I always get when sleep deprived (a combination of fuzzy brain, and mild headache). And then I had my Coursera homework to do. So…

Daily word count: 0 ( 😦 )


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