Day 13: the wall

It always happens during writing months. At least once (and often more) I get going on a nice tear and then *wham* smack in to a wall. It’s not generally writer’s block. I still have many ideas on how and where the plot needs to go. But, due to the style of my writing during these particular months, I reach points where the ‘easy’ writing has almost run out and I have to properly sit down to analyze and visualize. That is, I have to properly work out where to go and what is needed for the plots, and I need to take some time to set the details of various scenes in my head.

In the future, it’s possible I can overcome this with better planning and outlining, but in my case I doubt that. That’s because my writing style is semi-organic. That is, while I plan and structure the stories to some extend, I don’t fully understand the characters or the settings until I visit them during development of the story.

So, how to get through these wall periods? Well, I take some time to analyze the story to date and think about the settings very carefully. But in the end it comes down to what writers always do: write.

Daily word count: 255 (yesterday, with no post: 531)


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