Day 19: Uh, oh!

It was a good writing day, but also a ‘take stock and think about how the story is going’ day. And that latter didn’t end up so well. The problem that I’ve always had with this story is a plethora great ideas for world, characters, society — a paucity of ideas on plot. Such a combination does a novel not make. So when I finally hit on an a solid plot line, I was happy. I could get on with writing what was to be a trilogy.

Only, today as I was thinking about that plotline, I realized that it is all about a secondary character. If this is book 1 of a trilogy, and it goes to approximately standard book length, then the main character has no plotline of his own.

Yes, I’m feeling the red ink of the EPIC FAIL stamp across my brain. I can’t help feel that I’m still not ready for writing this series and I should keep this one in the drawer while I move on to more standard books. Of course, one other option is that I just go with this and accept that it’s not going to be a standard trilogy, but may work much better as a long novel. That’s not ideal from a writing or publishing perspective (especially as a first novel) but it seems to be what the story is telling me. Doubly so since, as I mentioned, I’ve always had a difficult time pinning down a book-length plotline for this one.

So, I’ve go some serious thinking to do on this novel.

Daily word count: 1023


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