Day 24… Back at it

I’ve had a bit of a think about my problem from Day 19. You know, that “who’s plot is it?” issue. Anyway, I’ve decided to work in the whole shebang and just accept that the story will be bigger than a standard novel. To this end, I’ve incorporated more of what I’ve previously written, work that was originally intended for book 2. I will also have to work on planning out the structue to extend over 1 book instead of the original three. And, of course, ensure the that main characters’ plotline is more significant and obvious than it currently is.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun plotting out another novel, so I’m ready to go right away… in case this one just ends up going nowhere (I’ve also got a third to revise, now that I’ve finally figured out the nuances of how it should properly go).

Lots to get on with, so best get to it.

Write on!


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