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10 Questions of Christmas: the third day

The severe punishment of Adam and Eve is difficult to justify no matter who you are. Those of Abrahamic religions consider God to be our ‘father’ and hence, one could look at this as punishing wayward children who may have done a dangerous thing (jury’s still out on that). But what God did was about the furthest act of love any parent could show.

Imagine your two-year old child sneaks under the sink and eats a little of the dangerous cleaning chemical (I use two-year-old as an example, since I believe Adam and Eve would have the approximate awareness, regarding consequences of their actions and right and wrong, of a two-year-old before they ate the fruit). If they’re don’t get horribly ill, then you’re going to yell at them, then cuddle them, then thank whatever force of providence crosses your mind at the time that they are okay. Then, when things have settled a bit, you’re going to explain that it’s incredibly dangerous for them to eat those things and they could die if they do it again. And likely you’ll either lock up the cupboard or remove the toxins to a safer location (which ties in to Question #1 btw).

What you are not going to do is kick your two-year-old child out of the house and curse them forever. Well, some parents might, but we usually lock those ones up once we learn of them.

So what could have made God so frightened or scared that he visited such a harsh punishment on Adam and Eve, or is He just an incredibly horrible parent? Well, I don’t have an answer, but if there is one, it might be found in the answer to…

– – – – – – – – Question #3 – – – – – – – – – – –

Alright, let’s say you’re one of those types of parents, and you overreact, well, quite significantly when your children do something wrong. So much so that, when they eat something that may or may not be dangerous, you kick them out of the house even though they’re very young and have never properly been in the dangerous world alone. Oh yeah, and you curse them to live the most painful, torturous lives you can think of. And you set guards at the door so they can never come back.

That’s the actions of a pretty horrible parent by any standards (in fact, almost unimaginably horrible).

But that wasn’t quite enough for you. You also curse your children’s children and their entire line for eternity, ensuring that they would live difficult, torturous lives!

God crossed into full-blown psycho mode with this one. Devout Christians, for example, interpret Genesis to literally mean that every child born is instantly a sinner, bearing the weight of the original sin. What a horrible way to live. Not to mention unreasonable.

And for what? There must have been something pretty strong in those fruit. So I ask you, why did God punish all of humanity for something they had nothing to do with?

Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on this, and for the next question of Christmas.

Insight and longevity.

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