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10 Questions of Christmas: the fifth day

So, just what was up with Mary? Was she really visited by an angel? Impregnated with God’s seed? You judge.

Luke 1: Mary is told by an angel that she will have a child who will be king, even though she claims not to have ‘known not a man’ yet. The angel says don’t worry, God will make it right. Mary, as one does, instead of trying with her husband Joseph, runs off to see her sister in Juda– for 3 months! (Luke 1:39-56). When Mary returns home, she is pregnant. Her sister’s husband has conveniently been stricken mute at the same time.

Mary and Joseph don’t seem to have a happy time of things after this. Joseph is convinced by an angel not to kill Mary (Matthew 1:19) — as biblical law would allow — but they don’t ‘know’ each other during the entire pregnancy (Matthew 1:25). Finally, in the last weeks of pregancy, they head to Bethlehem to partake in some bizarre form of census never heard of before or since (Luke 2:1-5), where Mary gives birth to Jesus. Interestingly, neither Mary nor her sister, named their children after members of the father’s family – something that raised a few eyebrows with the locals regarding her sister’s child John the Baptist (Luke 1:61-62).

Incidentally, there is some question as to whether Jesus was born in a stable, and slept in a manger (Luke 2:7) or was in a house (Matthew 2:11). In a decent society, where many of the houses would have been empty due to citizens attending to such a census in their own home towns, there presumably would have been enough places to stay and Matthew 2:11 would be more likely to be correct. But that is just conjecture.

Incidentally, what kind of parent lays their child to sleep in a food trough?

– – – – – – – – Question #5 – – – – – – – – – – –

Given what we’ve discussed of Mary’s circumstances, and her galavanting around the country, coming home pregant after an extended period away, just what was hubby Joseph thinking? And who is this character who’s almost non-existant in the bible?

Insight and longevity.

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