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10 Questions of Christmas: the sixth day

So… yeah… Joseph. For being crucial to the prophecy of Jesus’s arrival, he features pretty little in the bible. Do you think that’s because the writers knew they screwed up and were trying to downplay the story? But I digress.

We all know the nativity scene. Joseph walking, Mary on the donkey on their way to Bethlehem. Then finding a place to stay in the stables of an inn where Mary gives birth to the son of God. And Joseph stands by, the loving, supportive husband.

I’ve already mentioned some possible issues with this view. The fact that Mary got pregnant while away at her sister’s for three months. The fact that Joseph was going to kill her (privately) because she’d been unfaithful. And the fact that the census, as described, was unrealistic at best, and downright ludicrous at worst. But this doesn’t really tell us about Joseph and what his part in this story really is.

Our first introduction to Joseph in Matthew 1 is after some considerable list of genealogy, tracing his lineage from King David. Why? Because that is a key part of the messianic prophecy of the Jews. The book of Ezekiel 27:24-28 lists 8 criteria that the messiah must fulfill to be considered the messiah.The first three are:

1. He must be Jewish

2. He must be of the tribe of Judah (meaning, he must be able to trace his lineage, through is father, to the tribe of Judah).

3. He must be a direct male descendant of of King David and King Solomon.

Hence, the new testament spends considerable effort, in Matthew, establishing that Joseph is, indeed,  of the correct lineage.

Unfortunately, whoever wrote the New Testament was somewhat lacking in biological knowledge because, obviously, if Jesus was not the biological son of Joseph, then Joseph’s lineage is completely irrelevant. And Luke 1 / Matthew 1 makes it pretty clear that Jesus is not the biological son of Joseph.

And if Jesus is, therefore, not a descendant of King David and King Solomon, than he cannot be the Jewish messiah.

– – – – – – – – Question #6 – – – – – – – – – – –

Jesus Christ, finally we come to the man, or at least the character, Himself and all the questions surrounding Him.

He’s God. And God’s son. Part of the holy trinity that is one. And He came to Earth to save humans. Or did he. I mean, really? Does any of that make sense? If you think so, then by all means, tell me why did God, an omniscient being, need to come to Earth in the form of Jesus Christ?

Insight and longevity.

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