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10 Questions of Christmas: the ninth day

So, just what is required of the saviour, The Messiah, anyway. I mean, if people are going to know you as this, they must have some reasoning behind it.

Fortunately, an excellent discussion can be found at the following links:

I’ll summarize them briefly, thus.

The Messiah has to be:

1) Jewish

Jesus? yep

2) Born of the line of King David as traced through his father

Jesus? oh, dear. Already we come to a problem. Jesus’ human father Joseph was of the line of David but… Jesus was not the biological son of Joseph (Matthew 1, Luke 1). So he was the adopted son of the line of David, but I don’t really think that counts.

3) and finally (for my discussion, although the links give a few more subtleties).

  1. He’ll gather the Jewish people from exile and return them to Israel
  2. He must rebuild the temple of Jerusalem
  3. He will rule during a time of world-wide peace
  4. He will rule at a time when all people will serve the one God

I’ve lumped these together because I consider them similar in concept, and similar in Jesus’ complete failure to accomplish any of them.

So, essentially, Jesus fulfills the single, most basic, requirement of The Messiah. He was Jewish (and not completely. His mother was Jewish, His father, well, something else, apparently). But then, so do twenty million people living today.

Many Christians respond with… well, He’ll get to those other ones the next time He comes. Except, the prophecy says, The Messiah will be known by His actions (specifically those listed) and not what He might do when He gets around to it.

I mean, really! We’re simply supposed to take His word for it because He says He’ll do that when He comes back? Meanwhile, we sit here, doing all the work ourselves while He, what, waits for the easiest moment? Where He can just step in, wave a wand a *poof* fulfill a prophecy.

It basically boils down to ‘God helps them that help themselves.’ And if that’s the case, why do we need God anyway? Why not just skip the middle man and get down to it?

And incidentally, now that I think about it…

– – – – – – – – Question #9 – – – – – – – – – – –

doesn’t the Church constantly tell us that we’re all children of God??!

If that’s the case, how is Jesus His only son when we’re all clearly born from God?

Insight and longevity.

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