Fan fiction by any other name…

It occured to me today, as I was critiquing the chapters of some fellow writers, that historical fiction is essentially just fan fiction with better street cred.

Think about it.

Fan fiction is a term generally used to describe science fiction or fantasy fiction written by fans and featuring either their favourite characters or new characters in a familiar setting. That’s exactly what historical fiction is, either setting original characters in a well-known historical setting, or writing a new slant on what may have occured in the lives of well-known historical characters. The only difference between the two is to do with copyright laws.

With this insight, my level of amazement grows at how the literati, who clearly favour historical over traditional ‘fan fiction’ continue to bamboozle us into allowing them to sit on their literary pedestal and tell us what is ‘proper’ writing.

Insight and longevity.



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