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Original Sin and Salvation: The Child’s Version

I’ve written about the Christian version of original sin and salvation before, but this time I thought I’d approach it in a way that a child could understand. Why? Probably because my daughter, unfortunately, attends a Catholic school (we had much better impressions of the school before she began attending) and I’m constantly searching for ways to render the craziness of biblical stories in ways that a 5-7 year old can understand. So, without any adieu, here we go.


Original Sin and Salvation – for Children

A long time ago father God created a man and a woman named Adam and Eve. They all lived in their happy house called the Garden of Eden with many pets, and everyone was well-behaved. They only had one rule in this house: don’t eat from father God’s prize fruit tree (which he liked to keep in the middle of the living room for everyone to look at)!

One day a snake came into Eden and said to Eve, “That fruit looks really good, why don’t you eat it?”

Eve answered, “That’s father God’s prize fruit, we can’t eat it!”

To which the snake said, “God just wants to keep it all to himself because it’s so good,” before he slithered off.

Eve didn’t believe him, and went about playing. But each time she looked at father God’s tree she wondered a little more. “Why doesn’t father God share it with us? The fruit really do look good.”

Finally, one day she couldn’t resist any more. She took a fruit from the tree. But she was too scared to eat it. So she dared Adam to. It took some convincing, but finally Adam ate some of the fruit before sharing it with Eve. It was really good, but now they realized what they’d done and that father God was going to be very angry, so they hid.

When father God came home, he didnt’ see Adam and Eve, so he called for them, but they didn’t come. He went looking for them and came into the living room where He saw His tree. One fruit was missing!

Father God was furious. He demanded Adam and Eve come before Him, and when they did He told them off like never before.

“We’re really sorry,” they said. But it wasn’t enough for father God.

“Go to the naughty step!” he yelled. “No, not the one in the corridor, the one outside! And, and….” He was absolutely fuming now. “…and don’t come back. F O R E V E R ! And… and… don’t bring your children back either!”

Adam and Eve were very sad, but they did as father God told them and went outside where it was cold and dark and there were mean animals and nasty plants all around. And father God kept his word and never let them back into the house. And they learned to live outside, and grew older and had many children who also lived outside.

And the years passed.

Millions of years (for we have found where they lived in the beginning). And the children of Adam and Eve explored the outside, and built many cities and countries, for the outside was very big. But still father God didn’t let them back into the house.

But finally, one day, father God thought that maybe he might have been a bit too strong with Adam and Eve. So He said, “I’m going to go outside and visit the children of Adam and Eve. And He did. And He called Himself Jesus.

And father God/Jesus went and met and talked to Adam and Eve’s children. Not all the children, just the ones who were a bit slow and lived in a small corner of the outside. He felt sorry for them, as they were being picked on by some of the bigger children so he said to them, “if you believe I’m really father God (they hadn’t seen Him for so long they’d fogotten what He looked like), then, when you die, I’ll bring you back into the house.”

But they didn’t really believe Him, so He added, “if you don’t, I’ll burn you F O R E V E R!” And just to show them He was serious, he allowed Himself to be killed.

But He didn’t like that very much, so He came back alive after three days and went back inside the house to have dinner.

Now, whenever someone dies, father God asks their dead body whether they He was Jesus when they were alive. No matter what they might have done, or how bad they were when they were alive, if they truly answer ‘yes’, father God let’s them back into the house were they can live happily ever after.

Oh, and the others, no matter how good they might have been when alive, he tosses on the barbecue and leaves them there to burn. F O R E V E R.


I hope you liked my children’s version of original sin and salvation.

Insight and longevity.

The Revenant



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