Loncon3 – August 14-18

I’ve finally finalized my plans and can confirm I’ll be attending Loncon3, the world science fiction convention in London, August 14-18.

Specifically, I’ll be exibiting in the artshow (work for sale at a reasonable price!), with 2 panels and a table with desk/bookshelf-sized pieces. The Gala opening for the show is Thursday 14 August at 4:30, with two 90 minute, meet the artist sessions: Friday 15, 12 noon and Saturday 16, 12 noon. I’ll try to be at both, although I may have to miss the Friday session, as I’m also signed up for…

The T-party writing workshop. Looks like they’ve up’ed the ante for the worldcon with some U.S. writing prof’s and agents. My critique session includes Creative writing tutor and University of South Florida professor Rick wilber, and Marjacq agent Sandra Sawicka, in addition to T-party member and creative writing tutor Terry Edge.

My first Worldcon and it’s already shaping up to be very intersting. I you’re planning on attending, drop a note in the comments, and be sure to stop by the artshow I’d love to see you there!



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