The Gemini Effect by Chuck Grossart

Gemini Effect

I surprised myself by giving Amazon Breakthrough Novel finalist The Gemini Effect, by Chuck Grossart, four stars. This despite some noticable issues with rampant intra-scene point-of-view shifts, contrived situations, and overused melodramatic plot devices.

But what else could I do? It’s an easy to read page turner comparable, in both the good and the bad, to the best of Dan Brown. I’m not one of those people who finish every book I start. If I’m not grabbed by the story, I usually end up forgetting about it on a shelf or, occassionally, labour through it after many months. So, in the end, if a book’s got me speeding through to the conclusion, then it’s done its job. And that’s exactly what happened with The Gemini Effect.

In addition to that, the Kindle version is currently free!

So, if you like easy to digest, science fiction / action thriller page turners, I recommend The Gemini Effect by Chuck Grossman.

Happy reading!




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