The Future is Minecraft

Once again I’ve become hooked on Minecraft. It’s even more fun as my daughter is able to enjoy it also. I’ve even decided to set up a dedicated server so her and her friends can play together.

Yet… it’s definitely a time sink and thoughts of ‘is this really a good use of time?’ arise. For adults, well, that question is up in the air. For kids we can always dismiss it with the notion that it’s fostering imagination and creativity. But I think it might be doing much more.

Bear with me a moment as I veer wildly on a tangent.

Anyone who’s a bit techie or makey oriented is aware that 3D printers are here, and they’re getting better and cheaper each year. At the moment they’ve been overshadowed somewhat by the newer toys such as Drones and the Raspberry Pi ilk (no disrespect intended). However, they will rear their amazing heads once again soon. And they will revolutionalize everything from how you get your kids toys, to how you design, build and repair your house. And here’s where we return to our original programming.

While Minecraft feels like little more than a cool game to my generation. To my daughter’s generation it could very well be a training program for how to create parts and assemble larger devices, including houses. I can imagine them printing wall boards or designing replacement devices powered by ‘red-boards’ that fit into universal slots in the walls. There are already examples of 3D printed cars and guns, but in a few decades everything could be 3D printed (imagine printing designer table settings for a special dinner, then recycling them back to component parts immediately after!).

So, I for one, am very happy my daughter likes Minecraft, because I think the skills she learns will be highly applicable in her future, not just for a job, but for everyday life.


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