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Road to NaNoWriMo 2: Continue through the middle


T-6 days

So, you’ve got your healthy workspace set up, you’ve notified friends and family that you’ll be having a crazy schedule for the next month and you may not be seeing them much (unless they’re writing partners) and you’ve even got the seeds of a story in mind. What now?

If you’re a purist who intends to go into November 1 with a hope, a prayer, and the faintest ideas of character or plot, then your goal is just to maintain the excitement and resist temptation until the starting gun fires. For the planners of us, now is the time to make sure we’ve got things in order.

  • Unusual characters with interesting backstories that will completely ignore your plans for them by chapter 3 – check.
  • Fabulous setting that turns out to have been used in a B-movie 5 years ago – check.
  • Cool plot unintentionally full of more holes than a pasta strainer – check.
  • Moderately detailed outline that will have completely fallen apart by week 2 – check.
  • Nagging doubts about how crazy it is to attempt writing a novel in one month locked in a crate and shipped to a distant country – check.
  • Fear, excitement, and curiousity about the unknown story about to be birthed – check.

We’re good to go. Engines revving. Just waiting on the green light to get the race underway.

[anyone who wants to friend me on the NaNoWriMo site, my handle is Shakubuku]



I'm a writer, publisher, digital artist and web designer. As chief editor of Utility Fog Press I've been responsible for the publication of three anthologies.

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