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Review: Book Launch Blueprint by Tim Grahl

If you’re at all like me, you’ve come to writing somewhat later in life. That means you’re largely self-taught, having read as many of the recommended ‘how to write’ books as you possible. Then, after finally finishing your first draft, revising and editing as per the suggestions of your writing group, you’ve read up on how to approach agents and publishers, and/or you’ve become a near expert at using the online self-publishing resources. Then, you get your book out there and you breathe a sigh of relief, finally able to relax and watch the sales numbers climb.

Only they don’t.

You don’t know why, and you won’t know what to do about it.

So you start reading marketing books and learn how to leverage the latest social media, and still your number barely climb.

Well, before you enter that downward doubt spiral of self-destruction, there’s one more book to try.

Book Launch Blueprint (and it’s prequel Your First 1000 books) by book marketer Tim Grahl is a breath of fresh air amid the current offerings this area. Without giving too much away (you really should read it yourself), Tim teaches a technique he calls the Connection Method. The fresh air part comes in what this entails.

Tim’s method is a down-to-Earth, honest, and friendly method of connecting with your audience. He stresses that marketing should be open and honest way of providing your fans with something they need (i.e. your book). You don’t spam, you’re not sneaky, you don’t do anything underhanded. You simply ask their permission for connecting to them by exchanging something of value.

Furthermore, in contrast to most book marketing advice, Tim explains why you can largely forget about social media. Tim stresses that the only real piece of online technology you need is an e-mail list (which he’s shown to be 9-50 times! more effective) – okay, a website of some kind is important too.

I’m not going to give any more details about his methods here, becuase I want to encourage you to read his books, but not only does he share a simple, straightforward method for building a fan base, but he does so in a clear and concise manner.

So, I highly recommed Tim Grahl’s Book Launch Blueprint (and prequel Your First 1000 Books) and I’ll be implementing his ideas into my own marketing strategies.



I'm a writer, publisher, digital artist and web designer. As chief editor of Utility Fog Press I've been responsible for the publication of three anthologies.

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