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Journey to Sanity: Day 2

To be honest, I planned this whole journey in the middle of April. It’s just taken two weeks to pull myself away from the media and get started. Had I known what was coming in advance would I still plan this? Who knows?

First, we’ve just had local council elections. I actually voted against my history, as the side I used to vote for is doing almost nothing. Fortunately, the only bit of craziness in this election was the Lib Dems lack of respect for the intelligence of the voter — their only campaigning was a small leaflet two days before the the election that had a Brexit-related picture and a request for donations. Words can’t express how disgusted I was with them (at least not in polite company).

Next up, Theresa May decided to call a snap election. Presumably feeling that it was best to attack now, while Labour is still in relative disarray sorting out whether to get behind their communist leader. In this regard, at least, I’m quite happy I have decided not to follow the rhetoric, because the fake news and finger pointing has already started, ramped up to 100 immediately.

So, as you can see, my journey is off to a rocky start. But one election is out of the way and the next is coming a week after my journey ends. That should give enough time to catch up with the issues. Assuming there isn’t another murder.

One thing a socially conscious person has trouble with is letting go. There’s always some fear that you won’t be there at the crucial time to bring someone to the side of reason. However, iIn order to asuage my fears somewhat, I supported five of the independent pundits I respect most through Patreon. I tip my hat to these people who can wade hate and have it wash off, who can suffer the slings and arrows and have them bounce off. I tip my hat to these hard-working bastions of reason and sanity, and I’m happy to give them my financial support: Dave Rubin, Phillip DeFranco, Jordan B Peterson, Sam Harris, and Lauren Southern. Well done all.

And now, because this is too serious for a journey to sanity… fun animal pictures.



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