About Me

I am a science fiction writer and a digital artist. I’m on my third original novel, although I’m currently unsigned. My artwork adorns the cover of two anthologies (Assassins’ Canon by Utility Fog Press, and Cherie by Sleeping Cat Books) and I’ve produced short video promos for both companies. I’ve also had artwork exhibited in the Crossed Genres e-zine, and I regularly auction artwork at both Eastercon and Novacon science fiction conventions.

A biochemist by training, I have numerous scientific papers to my name (a list can be found on my main web site). I also won the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Science Writing Prize (2005) for Through the Illusions – a story that presents the relationship between schizophrenia and smoking at a publicly accessible level. ‘Through the Illusions’ was subsequently translated into Italian and published as ‘Attraverso il Illusioni’ by the Italian popular science journal KOS. The English version is included in the free e-book you receive for signing up to my e-mail list (coming soon!).

Currently, I live in Harrogate, UK with my Italian wife, British daughter and Israeli cat. In addition to staying up late, and discussing religion with my daughter, I enjoy technological innovation, thunderstorms, and fast-paced video games. I also design web pages, produce YouTube videos, and work on plans to save the world.


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